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The Code is periodically reviewed and revised to reflect the dynamic changes in dental procedures that are recognized by organized dentistry and the dental community as a whole.

Revisions to the Code are published and effective biennially, at the start of odd-numbered years. (e.g., 2007, 2009)

Dental Instruments

Code Revision Committee (CRC) Meetings and Change Request Batches

The CRC's review and revision process is ongoing and includes three open meetings in February and August in odd numbered years and in February in even numbered years. The committee reviews code change requests in three separate batches, one per meeting. Requests for each of these meetings are due by October 1st in even numbered years and by April 1st and by October 1st in odd numbered years.

For more information about these meetings and the overall revision process timeline, please see the Time Line for Review and Action on Requests to Revise the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature. Please note that dates shown on this timeline are for planning purposes and are subject to change.

The review and revision cycle that leads to the next version of the Code is underway and more information is available on the CRC page.

CRC Meeting Reports

Meeting reports are available after their approval by the CRC. Reports from the current review and revision cycle that will lead to the version of the Code effective January 1, 2011, are available for download from the CRC page.

Actions taken at the beginning of the review and revision cycle may be affected by requestor appeals and later decisions of the CRC, and should not be considered final.

Code Change Requests

Change requests may be submitted at any time. All requests received will be considered for inclusion in a future version of the Code depending on the date the change request was received.

Please see the Time Line for Review and Action on Requests to Revise the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature for information on the timing of the review and revision cycle, and publication of new versions of the Code.

Dental professionals and others within the community may request a change in the Code by completing a Code Change Request. Please read the Guidelines, Evaluation Criteria and Instructions before completing a request. A request must meet the Guidelines in order to be considered.

Copyright Notice

In requesting a change to the Code the requestor hereby acknowledges and agrees that such change, if accepted by the Code Revision Committee, will become part of the copyrighted work CDT-2024, and any successor or derivative works, owned by the American Dental Association.

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